Contest Rules
1. No purchase is necessary to enter.
2. Entrants must be the owner or authorized representative of a property with water
intrusion onto the floors of a basement or garage.
3. An on-site inspection must be conducted of the property to meet the criteria outlined
under Job Qualification below.
4. Contest winners are chosen as outlined under Winner Selection below.
5. Details of the prize include all materials and labor required to install up to 20 linear feet
of the Quikflo drainage system designed by Ridgetech Industries, polydrain diverter,
catch basin, lid, discharge line and one (1) sump pump.
6. Qualified entrants who purchase the installation of an internal french drain prior to the
contest end date are still eligible for a refund of their job in accordance with the details
listed in rule #5.
7. Qualifying jobs must have a written quote of January 1, 2018 or later.

Job Qualification
Budget Waterproofing Pros specializes in the installation of internal french drains. An on-site
inspection of the damage is required to determine if our specialized repair will solve the primary
problem or if other specialities are needed.We will only install systems if there is no threat to the
structural integrity of the property and for the purpose of keeping basement and garage floors
dry from water intrusion. If severe structural damage is found, or if an internal french drain will
not keep floors dry from water intrusion, we will make recommendations for companies that
specialize in making the right repairs for your property.

Winner Selection
The winning number is posted on Budget Waterproofing Pro’s website The number was chosen
by an independent third party, random.org with a range between 1-5000. If the job meets all
criteria, the BWP representative will go use the same site and enter the same criteria, numbers
1-5000. If the number generated matches the number on the
www.budgetwaterproofingpros.com, the homeowner wins an interior waterproofing system in
accordance with these guidelines. The homeowner is responsible for any materials and labor
necessary to complete the full job scope if it is beyond what is outlined in rule number 5.

Promotion Guidelines
This contest follows all rules, regulations and guidelines provided by Facebook and